What are the platforms that Nano Express integrates?
Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, YouTube, Vimeo, and can connect to various other systems too.

Can you create podcast channels with Nano Express?

How many channels on Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV can you create when you buy the Nano Express license?

Am I allowed to sell channels I create with Nano Express to my customers, and create channels for my customers?

What are the sources of Creative Commons videos I can use in my channels you can recommend?
Vimeo (search, then filter for CC-BY license), pexels.com, search.creativecommons.org, Pixabay.

For the content feed for my channels, does it matter if it’s HTTP or HTTPS in the URL?
Both are fine.

Can I use Google drive or Amazon S3 to host my videos?
To stream your videos, you need to combine the storage such as Google drive or Amazon S3 with the CDN, or use the video host such as Vimeo Pro. We are currently working on providing an affordable solution for hosting videos and live streaming, with an unlimited bandwidth for your TV channels.

Does each prospective client that my Nano Express account has to have a Roku developer account?
Roku developer accounts are free.
You can run clients’ channels through your own Roku developer account, or your clients can open their own developer accounts.